Life(in)sights- The knowing of being

All knowing and life derives from one source, which is available to all of us in each moment and connects us with everything. It contains all unfiltered/pure information we need to know in order to grow into who we really are.

Through my psychic work I’ve learned that all structures and behavioural patterns are just illusions. In order to feel secure we are trying to hold on to them and so remove ourselves from the natural flow of life. We’re forgetting who we really are.

My sessions and workshops move in between these lines, where all concepts lose their significance, where there is no right or wrong, where everything is connected and flows.  In the moment we open ourselves and let go of our beliefs, fears, ideas, and concepts, we begin to drop into the fullness of life, where nothing contradicts itself and everything is in it’s place. All questions and insecurities starting to drop away. Clarity comes into being and the search just simply stops.

The good news is, we are already carrying every solution and information within ourselves. In my sessions and workshops I encourage people to remember their own inner wisdom and clarity, supporting each person to rediscover and own these places in themselves again.

Within that a few focus points have crystallised :

In the individual sessions the focus is on the person and what is important for them to know in this moment.

Another part of my work involves locations. What are they telling us? How does it affect the people who are living there?

In the Intuitive-Training the focus is on the individual person as well as the group: How is everyone feeling in this moment? How can we regain more trust in ourselves? The energy field of the group supports this process.