About Verena

One of my most intense childhood memories in regards to my psychic senses, are the memories around my contacts with recently deceased people, because my parents home boarded onto the communal graveyard. It was unpleasant for me, because at the time it felt like I was the only person who could see them. Through my extreme sensitivity I was able to feel their panic, fear and unwillingness to let go of their bodily experiences and I could see how they searched the contact with me in order to ask for some help.

As a child at the age of 5 I was totally overwhelmed, felt left alone and isolated with this situation.

Growing up in the system of the former GDR, seeing the wall come down in 1989, experiencing the fall of this system and many of the people within, are surely significant events in my childhood too, which had an effect on my growing up. Therefore I spent the most part of my life trying to find a place where I fit in and myself within that. On my search I got trained in several professions and lived in many different places, in different countries, without ever having the feeling of settling or belonging.

Eight years ago I met a spiritual teacher who gave my life a new direction and reminded me, that there is more underneath all those feelings of overwhelm, loneliness and being lost. He helped me to remember and rediscover all those hidden places & gifts within myself. Therefore I was able to see, that there is nothing wrong with me and that I neither have to hide myself nor that I have to be different in order to fit in. So I began to give my psychic and creative abilities a frame, which allowed me to follow my desire to share these abilities with others.

The beautiful thing about my work is that there are no limits or boundaries, allowing a constant opening of new levels and dimensions. My personal development closely connected to my work and evolving equally with one and other. The ongoing process of waking up, each one of my clients showing me new levels and areas through which I am able to grow, learn something new and learn to fully understand the structures of other systems and ours.

My family, my husband and two boys, show me that the demands of an ordinary day to day life can connect harmoniously with the awareness and the dealings of the energetic realms.

I am experiencing a newfound gratitude and love for everything and everyone in my life.

And within that there are no limits and boundaries as well.